Managed Backup as a Service, Powered by Asigra (BaaS)

Ultra-secure backup and recovery for small and mid-size enterprises

Whether you’re a bank or law firm, government contractor or medical provider, you’ve got a lot of sensitive data and servers to protect, uptime to ensure and compliance demands to meet. CyberFortress Backup as a Service, Powered by Asigra, makes the complex easy while providing ultra-secure data protection that eliminates malware before it infects your backups.

And our experts can manage it all for you. 

Fully managed

Complete expert management from deployment and backup scheduling to rapid recovery

Advanced Security

Backup scanning and quarantine, deep multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Personal support

Access to a live human being for quick problem resolution 24x7

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Comprehensive Protection

Protects an entire organization with just one solution. Supports all major operating systems, servers, databases (DBs) and virtual machines (VMs), including Windows, Unix/Linux, Hyper V, VMWare VMs. Handles popular SaaS apps like Microsoft 365.

Fast to Deploy

Because it is an agentless solution, Asigra can be rapidly deployed to hundreds or thousands of endpoints. With a data collector setup at the LAN level, it’s possible for users to be up and running in as little as one hour.

Compliant & Customizable

CyberFortress Backup as a Service, Powered by Asigra ensures you’re fully compliant with all significant regulations. Targeted file-level restores and customizable reporting helps meet audits.

Continuous Data Protection & Instant Recovery

Automatically backs up data in near real-time, with recovery possible to any point in time. Reduces downtime by restoring file systems, DBs and VMs to secondary systems in minutes.

Agentless and Manageable

Asigra’s architecture reduces attack surface, downtime and disruption by updating and managing hundreds or thousands of endpoints. Single pane-of-glass controls complex environments including multi-tenant deployments.

Total Security

Backup Scanning & Quarantine

AI-powered scanning with ransomware checks health of backups, complements existing endpoint anti malware.

Deep MFA

Defends against stolen credential attacks using passwordless, biometric authentication to thwart phishing, keylogging and credential stuffing.

Variable File Naming

Can rename file repositories in non-standard formats to prevent backup recognition and deletion by viruses.

NIST FIPS 140-2 Data Encryption

AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest data encryption delivers the highest level of security and compliance.

Restore Scanning & Quarantine

Scan during restore catches and quarantines ransomware that’s been dormant so production environment isn’t reinfected.

Soft Delete

Holds deleted data for a designated period, fooling attackers into thinking permanent deletion has occurred, while still enabling users to retrieve assets.

Immutable Retention

Unifies immutable retention and application credential protection to prevent unauthorized sources from modifying or deleting backup data in the storage repository.

Enforced by the Recovery People

CyberFortress’ greatest strength is its people. From mobile to mainframe, our comprehensive services are enforced by highly-trained experts, and access to a real human for support, 24×7.

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