Data-Loss Horror Stories (and How Veeam Cloud Connect Can Help)

With all of the IT demands on your to-do list right now, you’re probably not thinking about how to protect your company against the risks of data loss. Besides, what are the odds of a fire or flood at your office, or even that a careless employee will accidentally delete a mission-critical folder? We get it. Nobody thinks these things will happen at their company. The data-loss horror stories below certainly didn’t think so, but they did. They all serve as useful reminders that the best time to establish an airtight data-backup strategy, like Veeam Cloud Connect, is before something like this happens.

1. Marketing agency’s “data cleanup” goes all wrong.

You’ve probably never heard of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, but you know their clients. This global marketing agency has developed campaigns for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Google, Nike, Audi, Red Bull, Samsung, and LEGO.

But no firm is perfect. When an employee decided to clean up some of BBH’s shared company data, he did so by indiscriminately moving hundreds of files and folders into his recycle bin. When coworkers noticed key data missing from the network drives and sounded the alarm bells, the IT team was able to recover only some of the lost data.

Worse, because BBH didn’t have a sophisticated recovery solution, they could not restore the data to its original locations. And many of the files that they did retrieve didn’t have their metadata attached. This meant that just sorting through the raw data to figure out what the company had been able to salvage was a time-consuming mess.

2. Human error wipes out months of county data.

In early 2020, several counties in Ohio lost up to six months of mission-critical data. The loss took place at an ironic moment: while an employee of the IT company that serves those counties was transferring their data to a more secure system. 

Against company policy, the employee failed to create a backup of the data before starting the transfer. County employees were able to restore some of the lost information — but only because they had physical hardcopies, and only by manually re-entering it all into their systems. As for the data that existed only digitally … that was all permanently destroyed.

3. A data-center fire exposes Samsung’s backup neglect.

I mentioned Samsung earlier as one of the world’s most respected brands, which is true. But even a world-dominating technology company isn’t immune from data backup shortsightedness.

When a fire broke out a few years ago at the company’s South Korea data center, it disrupted access to many of the services on Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. But the really bad news came after the company managed to bring those services back online.

That’s when Samsung discovered that much of the data it maintained at this facility — for Samsung Credit Card, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Asset Management, and other lines of business — did not have remote backup and was gone for good.

Be Prepared With CyberFortress

Whatever other IT projects you’re working on right now for your company, it’s worth adding “data backup and recovery” to that list. As these data loss horror stories illustrate, it’s probably worth moving backup to the top of your list.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated, or time consuming, or expensive. Not if you use the world’s most trusted cloud data management solution, and let that provider’s “North American Partner of the Year” manage it for you.

Speak with a backup and recovery specialist to learn more about Veeam cloud backup.

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