If You’re Not Testing Your Data Backup and Recovery Services…

When it comes to data protection, completing the backup and replication process isn’t enough, you need to be testing your data backup and recovery services. Backing up at frequent intervals throughout the day isn’t enough. Storing the backups safely isn’t enough. It’s all for naught unless you test your backups, because, without regular testing, all of your backup data is essentially just a big blob of unused storage. Applications may not restore to a state in which they can actually run, and data could be corrupted, or infected with malware — not things you want to discover when you need to restore.

Automating Enterprise Data Backup Testing: With Veeam

Manually testing each backup to ensure it will restore properly is expensive, tedious and impractical. Thankfully, there’s no longer any need to manually test backups. In 2010, Veeam introduced SureBackup, now known as DataLabs, which can automatically test every backup, every time. 

With DataLabs, IT can set up a virtual lab that’s secure and sealed off from the production environment. In this sandbox, Veeam will spin up backups complete with the resources on which it depends to ensure that they recover properly. Even better, it can scan the backup for malware and ransomware, so you not only know that it will restore, but also that it’s clean.

Setting up DataLabs so you can automatically test can be a bit tricky. For instance, many IT pros neglect to set up workload dependencies in application groups, which causes tests to fail.  But once you get it up and running, you can sleep much easier knowing you can rely on every one of your backups when you need them. It’s an incredible tool for ensuring you can recover anything you need to restore for your virtual environment. 

CyberFortress’ AutoRecover

There are big implications for testing, because AutoRecover makes it simple to create a virtual lab in the cloud, where tests can occur without any impact at all to the production environment. But it does much more than that, AutoRecover can aid with automating disaster recovery and compliance initiatives.

All admins need to do to recover any VM or file is to select the data they want to restore, the point at which they want to restore it and, with a single click, it’s running in the cloud. And if you’re testing, AutoRecover will automatically tear down the cloud environment once complete so you don’t run up excessive cloud fees. 

Learn more about the power of Veeam and get started on a data backup and disaster recovery solution by contacting us, today.

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